Vincent T Hill and Megan Hollenback setting up Vince's T-28A for display at EAA's Warbirds in Review plus a couple of fun selfies.
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July 23, 2019 EAA Warbirds big wing formation flights starting 1:06:59, Trojan Phlyer's airshow at 1:26:46 followed by Julie Clark's last airshow performance, followed by Trojan Thunder's airshow at 1:57:30 narrated by their team announcer, Lunar Sawyer.  End at 2:22:37.   Entire video of the day's complete airshow activities is over 4 hrs long.  [editors note: Danny Clisham long time airshow announcer makes his usual gaffes calling the T-28s T-38s, talking about Yaks when T-28s are flying, states T-28s started flying 1950 in the same breath says they're celebrating 70 year anniversary. Please do us all a favor and hang up your hat.  It's time to retire.]
FLYING TV'S Warbirds in Review featuring Paul Walter, Dr. Ralph "Skydoc" Glasser and Mick Thorstenson with EAA moderator Sam Bass.  Fast forward to introductory video starting at 36:51 and 41:38 for the T-28 speakers.

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