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Raven Craig Duehring visiting the T-28 Exhibit with Jon Helminiak.  "The Raven Chronicles" Raven book signing is scheduled July 22-24, 2016 in conjunction with the T-28 Formation Clinic & other exciting aviation acitivites. Free admission open to the public.
From concept to reality, the T-28 Exhibit draws worldwide attendance educating the public on the role of the Hmong Chao Kha Phao pilots had during the Secret War in Laos.

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Photo courtesy Jon Helminiak
Jon Helminiak, Executive Director of the Aviation Heritage Center and Vue Yang featured in The Sheboygan Press, March 31, 2013 article,  "Paying a Debt."  (click for interview video)
Their collaborative vision along with Koua Xiong in creating a T-28 exhibit will soon become a reality.  AHC recently purchased a torn down T-28 that will be rebuilt by Heritage Aero in Rockford, Il. then trucked to Sheboygan for permanent display.  Vue Yang grew up in Laos during the war and often rode in the back of a T-28 while his friends piloted bombing attacks.  He is now a successful businessman and wants to give back to his Hmong community a sense of pride in their culture and a place to honor their courageous people who fought as U.S. allies.
The little wooden airplane N60G greets you upon entering the exhibit area of AHC and eagerly accepts monetary donations with a drop box in it's clear plastic enclosed cockpit.
The Aviation Heritage Center is unique in that it depends solely on private donations.  It does not charge admissions, it does not receive any government funding and they do not have a membership program. 
In lieu of N60G, please click on this link to

Jim Stitt, of the Trojan Horsemen talks with Dan Miller, AHC Board of Director. 
Don Schmenk's T-28 model display, donated in 2009 by the Trojan Horsemen commemorating the 60th anniversary of the T-28.
Paul Walter shows Jason "Boner" Griffin the T-37 cockpit simulator that he helped acquire for AHC.  Paul owns the only flying civilian T-37.  It is an award winning aircraft that he displays at EAA's Air Venture every year.  Paul also serves on the Advisory Board of AHC and flies his T-28C for the Trojan Horsemen's airshows.
The Center recently acquired a T-28 cockpit simulator, with the help of Paul Walter.  It is one of only two in existence.  Dave Rudd, (pictured with the sim) who is also President of AHC, spent many hours refurbishing and painting it.  Dave is in the process of getting more instruments to complete the panel.  The simulator provides a unique hands on experience for people to be able to climb into the cockpit, get the feel of sitting in a warbird  and taking the controls.
The T-28 Trojan Foundation is proud to feature the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin for it's continued support of the T-28.   AHC hosts the annual T-28 Formation Clinic and now has plans to expand it's T-28 ties with it's new commemorative outdoor exhibit.  The T-28 static display of BuNo 138192 will honor the Hmong pilots and the Ravens who flew in the Secret War in Laos.  This will be an important educational venue for the public to learn about the SE Asia conflict, the role of the T-28 and the people who fought the war.  Dedicated Saturday, September 20, 2014.
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