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Note: The above donations are based on fuel prices as of: December 5, 2012.
​Complete transition training is also available for qualified pilots who are interested in obtaining a T-28 type rating. Flight training is based on $525 per hour plus fuel. Ground instruction is $200 per hour. A ride in the “Mighty Trojan” is not a jump-in-and-go event – it is a process. Upon meeting at our hangar, there will be a period of general discussion so we can get to know each other. We’ll talk about the plane and its history and we’ll talk about the flight. Then we will discuss the specifics of the mission – step by step, from startup to shutdown. Although a flight suit is not required, we do have a variety of sizes at the hangar for riders to use and we recommend that one be worn. A helmet is required and we can fit one of ours to the rider. A thorough cockpit safety briefing will be conducted so that the rider will know exactly what he/she can and cannot do. All the above will be done in the hangar and will take at least an hour – often longer.  ​When we’re ready to go, a tug will pull the plane out to the ramp and we’ll go with it. We’ll start, do a slow warm-up, do all our preflight checks and be off. Once in the air, as we put the plane through its paces, you will quickly see why the Trojan is held in such high regard. After the flight there will be a debriefing and more general discussion. And, there will be plenty of opportunities for photos throughout. You should plan on about four hours for the entire process. The T-28 is a serious military aircraft and is not for everyone. But, for those who appreciate such planes and their capabilities, a ride in one is an exhilarating experience that will long be remembered.

WarBird Museum of Virginia offers flight experiences in exchange for donations (which may be tax-deductible). These experiences range from simple, passive rides to aggressive, full flight demonstrations – depending on the rider’s wishes. Donations are based on approximate times in the air as follows: 
$750...............30 minutes
$925...............45 minutes
$1,100............60 minutes

* The T-28 has been sold * Rides are no longer available.  The museum is permanently closed.

The Warbird Museum of Virginia strives to inform the public about the important contribution the T-28 made to our nation's military readiness by displaying its plane at air shows, fly-ins and similar venues. In addition, the museum conducts tours and lectures for individuals and groups at its hangar and elsewhere. Operating from Chesterfield County Airport near Richmond, Virginia, the museum reaches people throughout the eastern United States. ​The museum is a tax-exempt, charitable, non-profit corporation that exists on public support. With your donation of $50 or more, you will become an Annual Supporting Member of the Museum. As a Supporting Member, you will have the knowledge that you 
are helping to preserve a piece of aviation history. Supporting Members may also have the opportunity to help with the upkeep of the plane and to sometimes serve as crewmembers during display events. ​Your tax-deductible donation may  be made with PayPal or by simply sending a check to:​
WarBird Museum of Virginia
P.O. Box 671 Chesterfield VA 23832​.
You will receive a contribution statement for your tax records and you will also receive a T-28 lapel pin, patterned after our own plane, as a token of our appreciation. We thank you for helping us preserve and display this historic aircraft.

Becky Luther, Museum Director and Instructor Pilot​​
Gordon Bowers, Volunteer Instructor Pilot
​T-28B “Trojan” BuNo 138245​
Built by: North American Aviation
Mission: Trainer for transition to jets
Year built: 1955
Engine: Wright R-1820-86B; 1425 hp
Top speed: 298 knots at 20,000 feet
Cruise: 240 knots at 15,000 feet
Ceiling: 37,000 feet
Flying Wing Formation​

Rebecca Luther is a Certified Flight Instructor with instrument and multi-engine instructor ratings.  ​An ATP-rated pilot with twenty five years as a pilot/instructor, she has accumulated over 5500 hours of flight time in both propeller-driven and jet aircraft with 2,900 hours of dual flight instruction to students. She has earned the FAA Gold Seal Instructor designation for excellence in instruction.​​​​​​

She was the former Director of Training and Chief Flight Instructor for Dominion Aviation in Richmond, Virginia, overseeing all administrative aspects of Dominion’s flight school operations from 1994 - 2009.  ​Hailing from Ohio, she received a B.S. degree in nursing from Ohio State University in 1971 and was employed as an R.N. in both community and private practice. The movie “Top Gun” and the F-14 Tomcat inspired Becky to begin flight training in 1988 and later to pursue a full time career in aviation.​ Rebecca’s career combines with her special interest in naval aviation. She holds a Type Rating for the North American T-28 Trojan. She is the Director of the WarBird Museum of Virginia featuring a Navy Trojan.  She displays and flies the plane at both civilian and military air shows. ​Rebecca is an FAA (FAASTeam) representative promoting aviation safety and an A.O.P.A. Airport Support Network volunteer.​ Professional Affiliations: 

National Association of Flight Instructors 


Int’l Org for Women Pilots 

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association 

North American Trainer Association 

Experimental Aircraft Association 

Warbirds of America 

WarBird Museum of Virginia