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About 13 years ago or so one of our T-28 flight leads at OSH, Bill Stealey, introduced us to his old college dean of students, otherwise known as the Commandant of Cadets at the Air Force Academy, Gen. Robin Olds. Wild Bill gave Gen. Olds a ride in his T-28 with some of the rest of us tagging along on his wing. Robin Olds typified the fighter pilot and combat officer, and it really was an honor meeting him. And, if memory serves, he complimented the flight on its formation flying. Bill can supply more details.

His daughter is doing a documentary on her dad as a follow up to the book she wrote about him a few years ago. Dan Kirkland and I did a few passes at an air show at the old P-38 training base in Paso Robles, CA, where he once served and sat down for lunch at a table with a nice gal who turned out to be his daughter, Christina. We had a nice chat about her dad.  It turns out that Christina is raising money to produce the documentary about her dad through Kickstarter (editor's note fundraising was cancelled March 2016 as Fagen Fighters WWII Museum is producing the film).  I think she will do a terrific job on documenting one our country’s real warriors and a worthy man.Through our T-28's, many of us had a chance to meet Gen. Olds and even fly in the same airspace with him.  - Ken Karas.
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Denise (Sweet P) and I were walking the displays in the building at Oshkosh in 2002.
I saw Gen Olds signing autographs with a Luftwaffe Ace.
I walked up to the General and said "Sir you don't remember me, but you were my Commandant at USAFA."
He LOOKS UP AT ME and says, "are you the kid who beat me at Squash?"
"Yes Sir I am!"
He said, "but I beat you the next two times!"
"Yes Sir you did!"

(Gen Olds used his All American West Point football skills to knock me around the squash court!   I never had a chance!)
I said, "Sir do you want to go flying with my T-28 formation in the morning?"
Olds said, "Don't BS an old BSer!"
And he was ready the next morning!  He should have gone to the back seat but he directed "wild bill take the back, I will take the front!"
Not what we should have done but he lead a great 10 ship trail formation acrobatic exercise!
Fun was had by all!" - JW "Wild Bill" Stealey

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"I’m tremendously excited to announce the production of a 60-minute documentary titled, “Robin Olds – The Rest of the Story.”  (click on title to view trailer).  Over the past several years, since the book of my dad’s memoirs came out, I’ve been asked dozens of times, “When’s the movie being made?”  Before Hollywood gets it's hands on his story I feel it is vital to talk about my dad’s life beyond his aerial battles and commands, including what he did in his thirty years of retirement.  In order to understand the personal motivations and backstory behind his leadership ability and accomplishments as a fighter pilot, I will chronicle the subtle elements, influences and passions that guided his life."  - Christina Olds
Brigadier General Robin Olds, Sweet P and Wild Bill