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Nine of the living Hmong pilots who flew combat during the U.S. Secret War  in Laos attended the dedication of a T-28 aircraft in their honor on September 20, 2014.  From Left to Right: Vang Kha, Tou Vang, Koua Xiong, Yia Kha, Pao Yang, Ya Ly (Lee), Phong Yang, John Sayavong.
Jon Helminiak receives a plaque of recognition from Koua Xiong, President of the Hmong T-28 Pilot Committee. 
Jon's vision and guidance for the T-28 Exhibit came into reality after 1-1/2 years of combined effort from many people whose hard work contributed to the success of the project.  His website adds more insight:
Hat's off to the men and women of EAA local Chapter 766 who prepped, painted and assembled BuNo.  Thank you for putting all your heart and soul into bringing the T-28 back to life.
It's the big day, BuNo get's packed up!
Saturday, January 18, 2014. 
Photographs and video courtesy Paul Walter
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Heritage Aero power washing the fuselage and wings of the T-28 that will be displayed at the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin.

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(BuNo 138192's  history  was obtained from several sources.  It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however, if you have additional information on this aircraft we would be interested in hearing from you.  Please contact AHCW.)
BuNo 138192
"What a well traveled T-28.  It is time it earned a good home after 61 years of being moved around.  Wish she could talk."  
- Paul Walter
"This is truly a meant-to-be acquisition for the AHCW.
The exhibit will even be more meaningful ... that this T-28 was actually flown by the Hmong and perhaps saw combat."   - Jon Helminiak, AHCW Executive Director
​​USN  photo

Timeline History of BuNo 138192

February 21, 1955 - Manufactured by North
American Aviation Columbus, Ohio for U.S. Navy.
May 1958 - Served as Drone Director, Naval
Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) China Lake, CA.

November 13, 1972  - Struck from Navy records.  Pensacola, Florida.
December 1, 1972 - Flew for Royal Lao Air Force.

July 1, 1974 - Struck from RLAF as excess.
1976 - Flew for Phillipine Air Force.
1985 - Considered a carcass.
1989 - Sold to Business Air Charter in Portland, OR.
2008 - Sale Reported - Unknown
2011 - 2013 - FAA Registration N2065F owners 
George & Constance Lancaster also owners of B-26 "Spirit of North Carolina"
2013 - Mid November sale complete.
2013 - December.  Rebuilt complete.
2014 - January.  Transported  to Sheboygan
for new paint and final reconstruction.
September 20, 2014.  T-28 Exhibit Dedication
T-28 Exhibit open to the public

Heritage Aero in Rockford, Illinois has completed their part in refurbishing BuNo138192.  Cliff and his crew put in many extra hours and added needed parts at no extra charge to help support the project.  The T-28 was trucked to Sheboygan January 18th to be painted and re-assembled, in preparation to be displayed as a static exhibit at the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin.   Dedication of the T-28 Exhibit will be Saturday, September 20, 2014  at 2:00pm, please check ahcw.org  for updates.