Combat Veteran T-28D Trojan Returning to Flight Downunder

excerpt from July 2015 article.   After she retired from active military service, most likely in the late 1970s, the Trojan sat quietly decaying until noted Australian warbird enthusiasts Col Pay and Noel Vinson acquired her as part of a syndicate along with fifteen other former RLAF examples and other types in 1988. The syndicate had the aircraft disassembled and trucked from Xiang Khoang, Laos to Bangkok, Thailand from where they were shipped to Scone, NSW in Australia. Once in Australia, specialists rebuilt her back to airworthy status. Bill Hamilton acquired the aircraft and registered her as VH-PFM in 1993. He had the Trojan painted with a USAF Viet Nam War-era paint scheme with a “TO” tail code in honour of the 606th Air Commando Squadron, which flew missions over South East Asia out of Nakon Phanom, Thailand. The Trojan enjoyed more than a decade on the air show circuit before undergoing another rebuild in 2008 for a new owner in Perth, Western Australia. She flew at air shows and other events up until 2012 when she again went on sale; being bought by Chris Godfrey in Victoria, Australia.

Godfrey wants to fly the aircraft to help educate people about the Viet Nam War. Little known to many in the West, Australia played a significant role in Viet Nam, with a strong commitment of men and materiel to the campaign from 1962 to 1972. Some 60,000 Australians served alongside US and Southern Vietnamese personnel during the conflict.

Godfrey continued that his plans for the future, “will include anything that keeps it in the air, including first; flying it! along with air show appearances, fly-ins...and offer adventure flights for the general public to ride and experience the thrill of the mighty Trojan in flight. He also intends to keep the Viet Nam War-era paint scheme, as it is a connection to a war he has a big interest in and it is a unique paint scheme in the Australian T-28 Trojan warbird community.  click here for complete Warbird News article. 
Photos by Chris Godfrey.

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Chrisopher Godfrey and his T-28D "Ira-sistible" (named after his wife Iryna) receives
"Best Presented Warbird"
2017 Avalon Int'l Airshow, Australia.