I was invited to join this event a couple of months ago by my buddy with the P-51, Dr. Ken Wagner. He was contacted by the Museum folks at Ford Island in dire need of Warbirds to go to Hawaii compliments of the United States Navy!  I had one week to get my plane to North Island to be loaded on the USS Essex, Assault Carrier, for the journey to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  I did not have to think about it! Made arrangements with my wife and business to be gone for a couple of weeks and be part of this incredible journey. The loading at North Island Navy base and unloading at Pearl Harbor went well. So interesting!! The planes were then taken to Hickam Air Force base about 2 miles away. After my plane was safely hangered at Hickam I flew home for work and family. Two weeks went by and I was back to the Islands to do some awesome flying! 17 Vintage planes! What a great opportunity for us. Flying in three parade type events, one street parade, being towed through the neighborhood 3 miles on the Navel Base Pearl Harbor to the docks for loading back on the Carrier. Several days of just fun flying any where we wanted to go. Had a lot of dignitaries in my back seat for the flight of their life! Put 10-12  hours on my T-28 during that week of flying. The thrill of being a part of this historic event is indescribable.  The final Salute to our few remaining Veterans from WWII was a pleasure. The flying was a dream come true. Now I am on my way back to my family and business at Chino California.

T-28 Trojan Foundation

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Danny Hill flying over Honolulu Hawaii in the VJ Peace Aerial Parade September 2, 2020 in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII.  Photo courtesy Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
Heading home
In formation with "Old Glory" B-25

* Editors note:  Technically, the T-28 did not operate in the Pacific theater during WWII.  The first T-28A design flew in 1949, 5 years after WWII ended.  Danny was invited to bring his T-28 as a general "warbird" and we are grateful he was honored to represent the T-28 community by being able to pay homage in this venerable event.   

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Arriving Pearl Harbor August 10, 2020