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This wonderful exhibit ran for a short period from December 12, 2015 - January 2, 2016 at the Fresno Fairgrounds in California.  The exhibit is now closed, however, much of the information is available online.  Click the Hmong Story 40 logo above.  (Sadly Galen Beery and his wife were killed in a car crash 10/11/16 in New Mexico).
3HMONGTV NEWS: 40 year resolution reading, former Raven John Fuller visits MN, 2015 GVP Memorial Golf Tournament, Memorial Day Celebration at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, Hmong College Prep Academy Concert, Hmong Veterans Organizations Meeting, and Hmong Lao American Veterans Memorial Dedication.  Anchor: Padee Yang; Producer: Mitch Lee.
Dr. Chia Youyee Vang is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Her books, Hmong in Minnesota and Hmong America are excellent references for understanding many of the experiences the Hmong have endured assimilating in America while still holding onto their culture and sharing their rich history.  click on covers to purchase.
She is currently working on a new book and documentary about the Hmong pilots of the Secret War in Laos.

- Exhibit Closed -
Minnesota History Center 
345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul,  MN 55102

Author Kao Kalia Yang reads from her book, "The Latehomecomer"  click her photo above to listen
Lee Pao Xiong, Director of the Center For Hmong Studies has shared many of the Center's Hmong artifacts into two separate traveling exhibits; one at the City of Lakeville Arts Center on display thru the end of April.  The second exhibit is on display at the Highground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville, WI thru the end of May.   Ntxim Siab Khang assisted Lee in setting up the extensive exhibit at Highgrounds.
A compelling analysis of Hmong society and leadership throughout the French colonial period, by Dr. Mai Na M. Lee 
click on book cover

Dr. Chia Youyee Vang's newest book, "Claiming Place  On the Agency of Hmong Women," Counters the idea of Hmong women as victims.
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Wameng Moua, Noah Vang and Lee Pao Xiong
November 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Hmong migration to Minnesota following the war in Southeast Asia. Today, the Twin Cities metro area is home to 66,000 Hmong, the largest urban Hmong population in the United States.

In commemoration of the anniversary a new exhibit, “We Are Hmong Minnesota,” was displayed  March 7- January 3, 2016, at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. It was the brainchild of independent researcher and writer Noah Vang, “Hmong Today” editor Wameng Moua, and Director of the Center for Hmong Studies and Concordia University Professor of History, Lee Pao Xiong.

The exhibit showcased Hmong culture and contributions to Minnesota and the nation over the past 40 years. Told through first-hand accounts and supported by artifacts and multimedia presentations, the exhibit presents rich stories of hardship and success.

“The Hmong are a resilient people. After fighting for the CIA in the secret war in Laos, many arrived in Minnesota with very little or nothing, and without a homeland,” said Noah Vang, exhibit developer. “But today we are politicians, professors, business owners and U.S. citizens.” - aapress.com