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Julie Clark
"Top Banana"
American Aerobatics, Inc.

Many people ask me why the name “Top Banana”?  When I first purchased the big yellow airplane, I knew along with all Navy markings, I wanted to associate 140549 (BU#) with my airline career where I was the first female pilot at Hughes Airwest (1977) where we flew bright yellow DC-9’s – (the airline then became Republic Airlines (1980) merged again 1986, became Northwest – I retired in 2004 – and now “we” are Delta! – quick summary!)
At Hughes Airwest we were the “Top Banana in the West” – so I wanted to immortalize my first airline which gave me my first job as a “major” airline pilot – so thus I used the original logo and replaced the DC-9 caricature with the T-28!
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T-28 Trojan Foundation

Excerpt from Julie's book:
We were flying in a 9 ship formation and concentrating as usual...we were about 90 miles away from Oshkosh when I had an emergency in my T-28.  I knew it was bad.  Smoke pouring from a round engine is very bad.  The chip light came on and I started losing power.  I radioed "Mayday" and immediately pulled up and out of the formation.  I'd lost all of my oil.  My engine had failed.  I asked Lead, "where the hell are we?"  He said, "turn left to a heading of 220 degrees, you're eleven miles from Kenosha." 
I said, "eleven miles? I'll never make it." ....
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SkyDoc (far left in blue shirt) and Julie at Kenosha, WI 1999 
Photo courtesy of SkyDoc
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Photo's 2013 T-28 Formation Clinic Sheboygan, WI