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Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 4 Laos
Lan Xang, land of a million elephants no more,
Laos Asian elephants are now officially classified endangered.  Meet the People Determined to Save the Elephants of Laos.

Three environmental controversies in Laos today are the damming of major rivers (like the Mekong) for hydroelectric power, destruction of the land by mining and illegal strip logging and the socio-economic consequences on the Lao people.  Many of these impacts are by foreign governments with no concern of the lasting effects.

Damming the Mekong-the Myth of Sustainable Hydropower

Pollution From Copper Mining in Northern Laos Destroying Environment

Laos Officials Investigate Massive Increase in Illegal Logging

Illegal Logging Portal

Utilizing Mining and Mineral Resources to Foster the Sustainable Development of the Lao PDR.

How does a country recover?

Laos Finds New Life After the Bombs - T.D. Allman, National Geographic Magazine
Laos has become a beguiling travel destination:
The Irony:
40 years after the war; a backpackers paradise for the irreverent youth

Long Tieng 2015 -  photo by Mac Thompson
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Wreck of T-28, Savannakhet Province Southern Laos
Legends of the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Long Tieng has returned as an idyllic valley remaining off limits to tourists by the government until recently.