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"During the mid 1960s a communist backed rebellion was defeated in the Congo.  The veterans of the Covert CIA Operation were known as Makasi.   Many of the men were Cuban-Exiles (Air, Ground, and Navy).  They were victorious against Che and Castro's thugs.  The veterans and the families have bonded to form Makasi Legacy.  The photo from left to right features veterans 1) Angel Lopez, 2) Rene Garcia 3) Tony Blazquez, 4) Tomas Afont and 5) Tristin Garcia.   Many of the Makasi veterans were Brigade 2506 veterans.  We continue the search of the families of the Makasi veterans."  - Janet Ray

"Myself and Janet Ray have dedicated a portion of our lives to making sure that the memories of all these Veterans from all three divisions
Air, Ground, Navy and their stories & experiences are told & well
preserved.  We are working on different projects to make sure all these things happen. So people here and all over the world can learn & we can teach our children & future generations who these brave Veterans were, and why they went to the Congo and did what they did !!!
- Manny Pichardo

576 Then and Now
        Top - 1965 Over the Congo          
Bottom - Paul Walter owner and pilot
Leif Hellstrom's

T-28's in the Congo Part's 1-3

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Makasi Congo T-28 Base Map
courtesy  Leif Hellstrom
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