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Skydoc riding in the victory lap car after performing in Trojan Thunder 's debut airshow at Sun n Fun 2018
The 2019 T-28 70th anniversary poster is a fitting tribute to Ralph "Skydoc" Glasser MD who 30 years ago in May 1989 found himself traversing thru the dusty desert of the Boneyard in Tucson, AZ looking over the remaining salvaged military T-28s left for civilian purchase.  With the help of John Gasho of Western Int'; Aviation he decided on Buno 138339 writing in his notes that it was the "pick of the bunch.
"  BuNo 138339 had flown 11,000 hours as a US Navy trainer initially assigned to the TW-5 at Whiting Field FL then at NAS Pensacola FL. 

It was not happen chance he was looking to buy a T-28.  He'd done his homework by meeting up with John Harrison earlier and flying with him in his T-28 up and down the California coastline.  John was affectionately known as the guru of "Trojandom" who gave sage advice on all things warbird mixed with a great sense of humor and plenty of practical jokes. At the time he was EAA Warbirds Vice President and came highly recommended by Stoney and Kathy Stonich's  of North American Trainer Association.  Skydoc wanted something more challenging than his Beech Bonanza, little did he know then what a great choice he made in BuNo 138339 and they'd still be together 30 years later.  But it was not all smooth flying. 

Two months later Skydoc delivered his "new" T-28B to Torrance, CA for Great American Aircraft to restore to airworthy flying condition.  By October 1990 he was back in the cockpit on climb out when the engine quit due to carburetor failure.  Fortunately Skydoc was able to crash land but his T-28 was critically damaged.  So back to Great American Aircraft it went, this time Skydoc committed to a full restoration upgrading the components to a D model.  To make it an authentic looking warbird, he choose the USAF 1961 paint scheme of the 4400th Combat Crew Training Squadron from Eglin Air Force Base even fitted it with underwing armament. 

John Harrison and Dave Clinton, the "BJ and Hawkeye of the T-28 Mash Unit" and being the shakers and movers of the budding warbird movement saw the need for a dedicated ground school for civilian pilots.  They called it the Darton T-28 Ground School following on the heels of Dave's engineering design called the "Darton Clean Kit" that keeps oil from dripping and spraying from the big radial engine.  Skydoc immediately signed up for their course and was in the first graduating class in October 1991.  He's just as proud of that fact as he is of his medical degree!

From the ground school concept training civilian pilots on their warbirds systems there came the recognition that formal formation flight training was needed - all in the name to keep civilian pilots safe and to keep the FAA at bay.  It was important to be able to get pilots qualified without the long arm of the feds controlling this new arena.  With considerable input from John Harrison and others, guidelines were established that still apply today used by FAST and NATA.

With formation training under his belt, Skydoc still wanted more challenges and so began fine tuning his aerobatic skills.  Soon he joined up with the Trojan Horseman as their star solo airshow performer.  After the Trojan Horseman team retired he joined up with a new airshow team, Trojan Thunder.  He still attends formation training clinics not only for proficiency but for the camaraderie and fun.  Skydoc and his T-28D “What’s Up Doc” are a unique warbird combination where most owner’s either trade up or sell, Skydoc has kept his same aircraft all these years proudly flying it as living T-28 history. 

Join SkyDoc, when he flew with the Trojan Horsemen, inflight with a bird's eye view of what it's like to be in the cockpit during an airshow performance.
SKYDOC & BuNo 138339
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