T-28 Trojan Foundation

Parkzone T-28 RC
Roden Kits 1:48 scale model Navy T-28B
Rich Uravitch's 78" wingspan T-28D.
Don Harp's T-28D.  Don custom painted it along with the fine detail of the striking Cobra on the cowling, it was the RLAF T-28 unit insignia.
Paul Walter's custom T-28C model being assembled.  It matches his real full size T-28C that he flies with the Trojan Horsemen.  Paul has this RC and a second one in close formation suspended from the ceiling in his hanger.
RC Junkie.  This is how it all gets started.  When one is not enough!
Photo by Dongskie Garcia
The ultimate in radio controlled interactive models.  The group is currently working on the landing technique but they'll need to add a tailhook to the T-28C!  Great video & sound!
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