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In 1946 Milton Caniff began the Steve Canyon comic strip which later inspired the tv show.  It became his biggest-selling work.  Even the Air Force created an official record for Steve Canyon, the only time a fictional character was so honored. His estate has continued his legacy by reproducing the tv shows into a dvd series which is now finally available, click on the cover above to purchase directly from the estate.  Your passport is set for Adventure, Intrigue, and Danger on your expedition to exotic locales with your pilot, the one and only flyboy, Steve Canyon!  Find out why this character inspired the USAF "Steve Canyon Program" that enlisted the Raven FAC's to serve a secret mission in Laos during the Vietnam War.
Formation Flight Manual is part of an instructional set on formation flying.  Included in the Formation Flying Course is an exceptionally well done two part 4 hour DVD video by Darton International and a formation briefing pad. The video includes mostly air-air descriptions of all aspects of formation flight from both the pilot/wingman's point of view and also that of an observer aircraft. Echelon, Fingertip, and Trail formation are covered with instruction and demonstration of station keeping, inside & outside turns, join-ups & break-ups, and takeoffs & landings. Hand signal communication and safety concerns are also covered in depth. The book details some of the technical information from the videos. 
Eric's aviation photographs have won many awards.  In "Chasing the Dream" he has compiled his work of art into a coffee table book that beckons to be opened.  Click on book cover for link to Blurb.com to preview and purchase.
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Paul Baca's book is an exquisite rendition of his experience working with the Trojan Phlyer's and their T-28's.  Paul's artistic style of aerial photography is captivating. Click on book cover:  Available through Amazon.com
Periscope Films has reprinted the US Navy T-28 Manual, click on book cover to order directly from their website, while there you'll want to browse through their fascinating archive collection of military books and videos.
Robert Genat's book is a photographic narrative of the T-28 interspersed with history and facts.  He provides a first hand account, hopping rides, with several California based T-28 pilots who practice formation flying on the weekends.  Click on book cover: Available through Amazon.com 

T-28 Trojan in Action by Al Adcock and North American T-28 Trojan by Steve Ginter are the two definitive books on the T-28.  Ginter's book is available through the website Scribd, just click on the book cover to start reading or to download.