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Nathan's aviation photography caught my eye several years ago.  He has since helped me by providing photographs, information and contacts in Australia that I wouldn't have been able to make otherwise when I was doing research on T-28's in Australia. Nathan is the quintessential amatuer photographer who simply loves planes.   I love his take on Mekong Moon, for more information visit the "Aussies" page.
With so many great photographer's to choose from, the challenging part is deciding which ones to showcase.  For 2016 I've highlight the works of Sarah Parker, Daniel Flanagan, Mike Profit, and Nathan Bowtell.  See below for more outstanding photographs from their collections:

2016 T-28 Calendar

- The story behind the calendar -

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Mike's work goes beyond the norm, it's very creative, edgy, almost like graphic illustration.  He has an extensive portfolio of black and white photographs that could fill an entire calendar with each unique image.  Andrew Swart submitted Mike's photography for consideration, I chose two that are representative of his photographic talent.  I may have to showcase his other works in a future calendar but for now, enjoy a few of his other photographs I thought were outstanding because of their perspectives.

Daniel Flanagan

2019 was a special year for the T-28s that couldn't be missed without a memorable calendar to mark it's 70th anniversary. 
Designing a T-28 calendar is fun and challenging, although it doesn't compare to the challenges faced by the Trojan Horsemen when they have to jump hurtles with various government agencies and restricted airspace for a photo shoot over Niagara Falls.  The results: stunning - and with no hesitation on my part - my choice for the 2016 calendar cover. 

The photos were taken by Lt. Travis Richards, sitting backseat in Andrew Swart's T-28.  Kudos to his outstanding series of photographs of the Trojan Horsemen flying formation over Niagara Falls. 

To tie in with the calendar, Andrew Swart's article, "Niagara Falls" is available on the Airshow/Trojan Horsemen link and provides a detailed, inside, behind the scenes look on the specific challenges he faced organizing this photo shoot.  -  Helen Murphy

Nathan Bowtell

Daniel is an up and coming photographer who is making an impression at EAA AirVenture with his enthusiasm and great eye for that perfect shot of airplanes in flight.  His appreciation for the T-28 has endeared him to the Trojan Horsemen where he catches a backseat ride whenever he can.  All of his photographs are great so instead of deciding on just one I chose three.  On this page are some other fine examples of his work.  Click on the large photograph to his website where you'll see his professional photography is aimed at weddings.
Sarah's passion is aviation photography.  If there's an airshow in Southern Florida more than likely Sarah will make time to be there to capture the action with her Canon camera.  Click on the large photograph for a link to her Flickr portfolio.  Click on the smaller thumbnails to enlarge the images.  Initially I chose the first thumbnail photograph because the blue sky in the background was so rich and vivid but after careful consideration I chose to use the one with the Florida islands as the backdrop for a more visual appeal and because the aircraft cowling had better lighting, although the larger photo above sure was a strong contender.  I think we'll be seeing more of Sarah's T-28 photographs in the future.

Sarah Parker

Mike Profit

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