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Larry Simeone
Another view of the Air America helicopter squadron arrival in Udorn, March, 1961...the guy in the skivvies is from our platoon. All pics taken in a field on the southeastern side of the airstrip (between the airstrip and the highway into town).
54 years ago, March 22, 1961 a detachment of about 300 Marines landed at some god forsaken abandoned air strip in Northeast Thailand, just outside the dusty little town of Udorn, Thailand.  We set about building a base to provide ground support and security for an Air America helicopter squadron supporting the Laotian Government's fight against a communist insurgency just over the border in Laos.  -  Larry Simeone

Air America helicopters began to arrive a few days later.
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Preserving Our History film 1966 -1969 by Erwin Davis, courtesy of his daughter Kimberly Davis:
Because of it's strategic location, Udorn was one of the main bases for the USAF, CIA and Air America operations during the SE Asia conflict.
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