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Rare Photograph Collection of General Vang Pao provided by David Lee
Vang Pao with CIA operative "Clean" and the PARU
A Raven's Farewell:  "Flying for Vang Pao"
- Darrel Whitcomb, Raven 25 1972-1973
Jerry "Hog" Daniels and VP
VP early days with the French
Bill Lair and Vang Pao                                 
Throughout Vang Pao’s residence in the U.S., the Hmong leader diplomatically opposed human rights violations by the communist government of Laos against the Hmong.   In 2001, Vang Pao began to moderate this position, publicly advocating normalization of U.S.-Laotian relations in hope of alleviating the human rights abuses by the Laotian government against the indigenous Hmong people.  In 2006 Vang Pao attended the Fifth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues succeeding in the relocation of thousands of Hmong rather than repatriation.
Walking with General Vang Pao
An Illustration of His Remarkable Life
by Noah Vang (click on book cover to order)

“General Vang Pao was one of the greatest military commanders during the Secret War in Laos, from 1960 to 1975."

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The Honorable Phagna Norapamok General Vang Pao was the Father of the Hmong People. His extraordinary journey changed the destiny of the Hmong People. His legendary deeds will continue to inspire his Hmong People for generations to come.

In his long and distinguished life, even as he dazzled the eyes of four different countries, which awarded him their highest military honors, General Vang Pao was many things. He was a successful Hmong-French ally. He was a legendary Hmong-Laotian General. He was a loyal Hmong-American war hero and citizen. But in his most unique role, he was the revered Leader of the Hmong People after their beloved country of Laos fell to communism and they were scattered to the four corners of the world. His whole life was guided by his pride and belief in the grandeur of the Hmong People. He worked in many places with many allies, but he always had a single goal: to ensure a safe home for his Hmong People and lead them to a brighter future.
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