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Cecil Loter flying his T-28B with backseater (USAF Ret.) Brig. Gen. Dick Stich along with other Falcon Warbird's to Coolidge, AZ for a pancake breakfast.  
Pancakes:  $7.00   Fuel:  $200.00   Fun:  Priceless    (video by Robert Turchick)
Photo by Peter Nicholson 1978
In the high spirit of camaraderie, pranks and jesters, the  VT-27 squadron made this parody film spoofing "The Great Waldo Pepper."  The film is dedicated to all the officers, enlisted and flight students of VT-27, circa 1973-1976 and even includes two of the Navy's first female flight students.  Courtesy of C.T. Loter.
VT-27 is one of the United States Navy's five primary training squadrons.
Training Squadron 27 was initially established on July 11, 1951 as Advanced Training Unit-B at Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi. The command subsequently moved to Kingsville in 1952, then again to New Iberia, Louisiana in 1960 where the squadron was redesignated VT-27. In July 1964, the "Boomers" were returned to Naval Air Station, Corpus Christie, TX.  In 1973, the squadron began a transition to the role of a primary training squadron with the arrival of the first T-28 Trojan on August 1st.

Last flight, headed to the BoneyardPhoto by Dave Powers, LogBook Magazine