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Cecil Loter flying his T-28B with backseater (USAF Ret.) Brig. Gen. Dick Stich along with other Falcon Warbird's to Coolidge, AZ for a pancake breakfast.  
Pancakes:  $7.00   Fuel:  $200.00   Fun:  Priceless    (video by Robert Turchick)
Last flight, headed to the BoneyardPhoto by Dave Powers, LogBook Magazine
Photo by Peter Nicholson 1978
In the high spirit of camaraderie, pranks and jesters, the  VT-27 squadron made this parody film spoofing "The Great Waldo Pepper."  The film is dedicated to all the officers, enlisted and flight students of VT-27, circa 1973-1976 and even includes two of the Navy's first female flight students.  Courtesy of C.T. Loter.
VT-27 is one of the United States Navy's five primary training squadrons.
Training Squadron 27 was initially established on July 11, 1951 as Advanced Training Unit-B at Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi. The command subsequently moved to Kingsville in 1952, then again to New Iberia, Louisiana in 1960 where the squadron was redesignated VT-27. In July 1964, the "Boomers" were returned to Naval Air Station, Corpus Christie, TX.  In 1973, the squadron began a transition to the role of a primary training squadron with the arrival of the first T-28 Trojan on August 1st.