Jim's uncle, Jimmy, also trained in T-28A's at Webb AFB, graduating in class 52-F.  Jim's book, "Unforgotten Hero" is the result of his research to learn more about his namesake.

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2nd Lt. Jimmy L. Escalle
Photograph collection courtesy of Jim Escalle.
Jim's father, Robert, also flew T-28A's at Webb AFB in 1952, graduating in class 53-C.
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Robert Escalle 1952 T-28A Formation Flight over Big Spring, Texas
Originally named Big Spring AFB, the base changed it's name to Webb AFB during the Korean War.  The 3560th Pilot Training Wing's mission was to train as many pilots as quickly as possible as the war ramped up.  For their advanced single engine training, they had 37 T-28A's, the designated  jet transitional trainer at the time.  The cadets then progressed into the basic jet trainer, the T-33.  After successful completion, the pilots assigned to F-86's went to Nellis AFB, Nevada, for combat training, while those assigned to F-84's went to Luke AFB, Arizona before heading to Korea.  In 1956, Webb AFB phased out the T-28's concentrating on all jet training.  The base eventually closed in 1978.