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The original prototype YAT-28E, "0-21242" above, first flew February 15, 1963.  It's design came about to answer the Air Force's request for a more capable COIN aircraft to replace the AT-28D.  Initially designated as Reconaissance Attack RA-28, the Air Force changed it to YAT-28E  (Y stands for military prototype to designate an aircraft has been modified from it's original airframe for service testing and E represents experimental).  The YT-55L-9 Turboprop engine made the YAT's appearance uniquely different from the traditional radial engine installed on the T-28.  The experimental prototype completed twelve test flights up until March 27, 1963 when it crashed.  The Air Force ordered two more prototypes, the first "0-13786" addressed several further modifications; a taller vertical stabilizer the primary difference, a larger canopy to accomodate ejection seats and complete structural strengthening. The second, "0-13788" had an even taller vertical stabilizer, a different shaped canopy and was fully controllable from either forward or aft cockpit.  After nine months of tests, the Air Force cancelled the YAT-28E project deciding to award the contract to NAA's OV-10 instead.  Both prototypes were placed into storage until the Navy, in 1965, expressed interest in developing the YAT-28E into a possible trainer.  0-13788 was evaluated by the Navy for one year and at the end they found it not suitable, as the turbo was "too hot" for their training purposes.  North American eventually disposed of both prototypes to Merle Maine of Ontario, Oregon, from there they transferred ownership several times.  0-13786 is now owned by Lou Franco who purchased it July 22, 2014 to restore to flying condition, his story below.  It is presently in storage in Port Hueneme, CA.  0-13788 is owned by Chuck Smith of C&J Aviation, Camarillo, CA and is available for purchase. 
0-13786   (MSN 174-324)  Assigned to 3300th Pilot Training Group, Graham AFB, FL [Dec55] Assigned to 3550th Pilot Training Group, Moody AFB, GA To MASDC 8Apr61.  Departed 4Jun63 to North American Aviation, Columbus, OH.  Converted Feb 28, 1964 to North American Model 284, designated YAT-28E, prototype number 2, with enlarged tail after experience with 52-1242.  Evaluated by NAA and USAF.  Returned to NAA Jan65 and stored.  Loaned to US Navy Bureau of Naval Weapons, Research Development Test & Evaluation [BUWEPSREP RDT&E] as 513786 for evaluation 24Jan66 to 3May66.  Returned to USAF, and assigned to 1st Air Commando Wing, Eglin AFB, FL. SOC 28Aug66To MASDC as TA133 Aug 28, 1966.  Reclaimed 29Jul68.  Returned to NAA and stored.  Fuselage cut in half.  Wings used in restoration of 51-3788.  Registered N2800E as a North American-Rivera YAT-28E, 14May76; revoked 28Jan78, cancelled 20Jul09.
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0-21242  (MSN 189-57) Converted to first prototype RA-28 (a proposed turboprop combat version for use in SE Asia), later redesignated YAT-28E.  Prior service history is unknown.  First flight Feb 15, 1963.  Deficient in tailfin area which led to its entering a flat spin and crashing Mar 27, 1963, killing the pilot, who was unable to bail out due to a jammed canopy. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1952.html
Photograph courtesy Roy Mills, photographer for North American Aviation
"My good friend, NAA ace test pilot George Hoskins, lost his life in this YAT-28E" - Roy Mills
Color photographs courtesy Lou Franco

"My buddy at work went looking for Corvair tires and when he came back from lunch he told me he saw a "blue" Air Force trainer sitting in the yard (he is color blind). I asked him was it tandom or side by side seating and when he told me tandom I drew a picture of a T-28 and he said "yup that's it."  So I went over there and low and behold it was the 2nd prototype YAT-28E!!  Apparently the owner of the 3rd prototype didn't want this airframe around anymore and told the scrap man take her away and cut it up.  He is currently trying to sell the 3rd airframe for 375K, I'm not sure why he would want this one scrapped considering how rare it is. The scrap guy happens to like aircraft so he just kept it stored and used it for prop in his shop.  He didn't want to sell it, but after I told him I pulled a F4D-1 Skyray out of Colonia Park he lit up, it was the plane he used to play on as a kid. We talked a bit more and then he said he liked my intention of trying to restore it and sold it to me."

0-13788 YAT-28E sits in the desert boneyard 1968
Hot Trojan:  C&J's YAT-28E Project  Warbirds WorldWide 1999 article, click on thumbnails below to enlarge
0-13788   (MSN 174-326) Assigned to Amarillo Training Center, Amarillo AFB, TX to MASDC 14Oct59.  To North American Aviation, Columbus, OH.  Converted to North American Model 284, designated YAT-28E, prototype number 3 with further modified tail, and revised canopy.  First flight Jul64.  Evaluated by NAA and USAF.  Returned to NAA Jan65 and stored.  Loaned to US Navy Bureau of Naval Weapons, Research Development Test & Evaluation [UWEPSREP RDT&E] as 513788 for evaluation 24Jan66 to 3May66.  Returned to USAF and assigned to 1st Air Commando Wing, Eglin AFB, FL. SOC 24Aug66.  To MASDC as TA132 Aug 24, 1966. Reclaimed 7Jun67.  Returned to NAA and stored.  Wings cut off.  Preserved and on display at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ. Removed from display by 1976.  Sold for restoration.
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