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"A Zorro Tale"
by Noah E. Loy, Brigadier General USAF (Retired)
Air Commando Journal Fall 2011
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"Eng" Hor, Norm's favorite flight student.  Many Khmer pilots and support people were murdered when Phnom Penh fell.
The Last Zorros
Official photograph taken after the USAF decided to take the T-28 out of active combat
Top Row:  Sgt. Perez, Dick Gephart, Dale Ward, John Haken, Jerry Harris, Lt. Col. Miller,
Strother Shumate, Dick Vernon
Bottom Row:  Lyal Rudd, Larry Vancura, Charley Brown, John Pattee, Norm Crocker, Billy Mobley
Not in photo:  Jack Drummond, Rich Hilland, Joe Boone
Norm Crocker (middle) pre-flighting
AT-28D-5 on Ramp at Nakhon Phanom
T-28 Attacking
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"The North American T-28 "Trojan" trainer is one of the least known combat aircraft of all time.  This is because it was designed as a trainer and history has failed to properly recognize its other roles.  It was an unglamerous airplane and fought in even more unglamerous, sometimes officially denied wars.  However it earned it's stripes and deserves to be better recognized." - Flight Journal Editor.
"T-28's Secret War Zorros Over Laos"
by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
Flight Journal Magazine August 2013
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"Little was written about specific AT-28D night air interdiction operations in Laos...I decided to write "A Zorro Tale" to honor those who flew these dangerous and demanding missions and to assure the scope of their individual efforts would be recorded by a fellow pilot." - Noah E. Loy
Soc-Trang August 1962
Khmer students working on a T-28 assigned to USMACTHAI/TLD