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Photography © by Jim Leslie.  Jim is a former USN Naval Aviator who went through the jet training pipeline so he never flew the T-28 in the training command. However, while he was going through the F-4 Phantom RAG, he befriended the safety officer at NAS Miramar. Miramar had two T-28Bs and one C as station aircraft. This friendship paid off as Jim was allowed to get checked out in Miramar’s T-28s.

“They were a lot of fun to fly…pleasant and predictable. They were primarily used as forward air controller (FAC) aircraft when the F-4s and F-8s went to the local bombing ranges. Basically, they were bomb spotters.” – Jim Leslie

I've launched the Spring 2022 issue of my new T-28 Tailhook magazine featuring - you guessed it - all things  T-28C.  In future issues I'll mix in some Bravo Navy, Marine and Coast Guard.  

I've kept this first issue light to see how well it works with the website.  I'm hoping to add information in a more fluid method rather than adding numerous cumbersome pages to the website.  My primary goal is to have control of my files instead of having them buried within the webhost making it difficult to move information around.  

I uploaded the magazine in a pdf reader.  Computers:  Click on the upper right double arrows to open a menu box then choose the top option "Presentation Mode" to open full screen if you are on a computer, then I recommend clicking on the + a couple of times to enlarge the page so it's readable unless you have super eyesight :) in this full page mode my links don't work for some reason, they do work otherwise.  Click on esc to return to your normal screen. 


Cell phone: all you have to do is zoom out like you would a photo to read the print.  Ideally, I'd like to have this appear as a traditional magazine where you can "turn" the pages instead of scrolling. I'm still checking out free alternatives.  

In the meantime, I've tied this pdf magazine to it's own convenient facebook page so I can post updates there.

Part of putting the early history portion together I was fascinated to discover both the first prototype and first production T-28Cs are still flying.  And interestingly enough I was able to find and match up 'then and now' photos of each.



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752 8

Michael Weber flight tests N220NA.  The T-28B was recently purchased and shipped to Germany.
click on photos to enlarge.   Michael narrates video.

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