2022 is fast approaching!  The T-28 calendar will be too - check back early November.  

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The 2022 T-28 Calendar Cover of Michael Weber photo shoot by Nils Wälti nwaviationphotography.com

T-28D N1742R owned by Ralf Zippenfennig

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Thank you Oliver Linde for sponsoring the T28TrojanFoundation website!
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I'm dedicating my redesigned website to Rainer Steinberger, "Captain Bavaria," a dear friend who, from the start of my research, supported my efforts in documenting the T-28 history.  He shared his passion for this aircraft through photographs catching the espirit of his own T-28C, Bavarian Tailhook, flying in European airshows and through his correspondence with me over the years.  When he was selected as a pilot for The Flying Bulls T-28B, he immediately sent me cryptic photos to see my reaction.  I was extremely happy for him for it was truly something he was immensely proud of.  I made a video with a compilation of his photos to honor his memory.   

On June 20, 2021 Rainer lost his life when he was enroute from the Leszno Poland airshow returning to Salzburg flying the Red Bull T-28.   His backseat passenger survived with critical injuries but does not remember what happened.  The cause of the crash has yet to be determined as the investigation is still pending and may be difficult to ascertain since little was left of the aircraft after the ensuing fire.  I will wait for the final report based on facts and statements from the crew of the Red Bull's B-25 that stayed with Rainer when he went down. 


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