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Author’s note.  This book is a natural progression of my years of research on the T-28.  I originally compiled the information into an extensive website but decided it was time to convert it into a permanent form instead of the transient nature of the internet.  I still plan on maintaining the website but in a much-reduced capacity, primarily as a link to this book and my other books.  The website remains an excellent canvas for photographs, videos, numerous documents' and links to other resources.  Follow my journey unraveling the mystery of the T-28s warbird history, uncovering its clandestine operations and how it earned its battlefield wings – book version coming soon.


Book description.  From concept to production, to its cross-utilization, this story follows the ubiquitous yet humble military trainer into its tour of duty as a bona fide warbird in foreign lands.  After the wars end, replaced by new trainers, the old T-28s are struck off charge and shuffled to the “Boneyard," often considered a graveyard, the T-28s dodged another "golden BB" being placed for sale on the civilian market.  Many pilots were eager to acquire an affordable warbird which gave a new purpose to the old birds.  Under the auspices of new caretakers and proud owners, most T-28s have since been restored, flying as living history honoring its military legacy.  The T-28’s tour of duty continues.

Book cover:  Photographs by Aaron Haase - Design & Graphics by Helen Murphy

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